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*** UPDATED***
1 January 2015

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Products and Services

  • Basic Tracking:
  • After purchasing easytracking-tracking unit, you are able to get variable reporting rate while moving (down to 1 minute), and every hour while stationary.

    We will store live data for 3 years.

  • Functionality:
    1. Near-real time positioning (within 2 minutes if in GSM coverage)
    2. Speed, altitude and direction of travel of the asset
    3. Asset status (Trip start, end, and moving)
    4. Input status and unit temperature
    5. World-wide tracking (within GSM coverage)
    6. 10000 position 'out of GSM coverage' log (downloaded at next trip end)
    7. Street level positioning in South Africa
    8. 6-month trip history report (detailed or summary)
    9. Editing of user and asset details
    10. Speed Violation Reporting
    11. Driver behaviour via harsh braking, acceleration and cornering
    12. Stolen vehicle recovery (optional - South Africa Only)

  • Pricing:
  • South Africa Only
    EAT-FM1120 Asset Tracker - Basic (with Harsh Driving Detection, Battery Backup and installed) R 2450.00
    EAT-FM1120 Asset Tracker - Advanced (with Driver ID, Harsh Driving Detection, Battery Backup and installed) R Call
    EAT-EZ863 Yacht Tracker (with Battery Backup, float switch and installed) R 3500.00
    EAT-GH3000 Personal Tracker R 2500.00
    Specialized Asset Tracker (with solar panel) R 2995.00
    Move to another vehicle R  600.00
    Call-out fee R  350.00
    Fixed Monthly Stolen Vehicle Recovery Fee R    70.00
    Fixed Monthly Web Access Fee (Asset/Personal) R  139.00
    Fixed Monthly Web Access Fee (Yacht) R  229.00
    Fixed Monthly Web Access Fee with Stolen Vehicle Recovery R  199.00
    One Year Rent-To-Own Tracking unit (Basic) and Monthly Web Access (Asset) R  399.00

    1. All prices include VAT.
    2. Unit Prices exclude shipping costs.
    3. For pricing outside of South Africa, please contact the agent in your country or Easy Asset Tracking directly for a quote.
    4. We also provide a free 'Over-The-Air' easy tracking software upgrade service where the unit's software is automatically updated as and when required (such as improvements and new features).

  • Downloads:
    1. Easy Tracking Training Manual

If you want to get your GPS tracking unit to use our site, please email us for the EasyTracking Protocol Specification.